You’ve got what it takes: The YFC officer team.

Are you a team player, keen to develop your skills and prepared to take responsibility for an area of interest? Then why not join the YFC officer team and help run your YFC. Taking on a club officer role is rewarding, challenging and enjoyable.

A successful YFC is made up of dynamic individuals acting as a team, with a shared vision of working hard to offer the best for their YFC. This means being able to rely on your fellow officers and them being able to rely on you in return. This resource contains all the information you will need to get you started running a fun, safe and successful YFC.

Roles (Click on any of the positions below for a full break down on what the role involves):

• Chairman/woman
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Leader
• Health and safety officer
• Safeguarding officer
• Programme secretary
• Press officer
• Social events officer
• Charity trustee
• Junior leader
• Advisory member
• President

Click here for a downloadable pdf containing all roles and responsibilities.