Henley YFC are open to all ages from 16 - 26

Members meet every Tuesday at Battle Barns, Crowmash, OX10 6SL

unless otherwise stated.

To join or find out more information, please contact us:


Mikey Mearns: 07825 396 158

Email: Farmer.mike@hotmail.co.uk

Lawry Taylor: 07966 107976

Email: Lawrytaylor5678@gmail.com


Jes Gascoyne: 07858 188295

Email: jessicajanegascoyne@gmail.com


Edward Mearns: 07766 641438

Email: Easthope100@hotmail.co.uk

Program secretary

Laura Gascoyne: 07719 776531

Email: Lollyg123@hotmail.com

Membership Form 2017/18: Henley Seniors