OFYFC 200 Club

The 200 Club was formed in 1984 as a way of raising funds to help contribute towards the cost of running the County Federation. Members of the 200 Club pay £20 per year. There are monthly draws for four prizes of £50, £35, £25 and £20. There is one draw in September of £100 and a special December draw for £250.

This is a great way to support the running of OFYFC and have a chance of winning cash prizes each month. So go on, join today!

The OFYFC 200 Club needs your support to help raise funds.

The more members we enroll, the more money we can donate to OFYFC each year, for the chance of winning 44 cash prizes over the year please contact Amy Cox on telephone: 01844 338855 email: agricamy@hotmail.com or Complete the application below and post to Amy Cox.